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Marketing is a necessity and a key driver of business. More now than ever. The competition is fierce and the channels for marketing are growing continuously making the world a smaller place. As your potential audience grows, so does the competition and importance of choosing the right marketing strategies for your company.

Innovation is no longer enough to set your company apart. It must be paired with efficient marketing strategies to generate revenue and profit.

Marketing Spend

To optimize your marketing spend, it is important to understand the abundance of choices you have in order to maximize the efficiency of your budget.

The old-fashioned cold-calling used to work in the past, but times have changed and it is deemed ineffective today. Consumers and B2B decision-makers now use the internet to take advantage of all the readily available information to make informed purchasing decisions.

Marketing Channels

What should you choose to spend your money on then? Search engine ads, social channel ads, influencers, search engine optimization. The options seem endless.

For example, the largest search engine, Google, easily charge $20 – $60 per click (CPC), depending on the competition and the audience size, but if you set up an efficient campaign, it may be worth it. The most important reason to use Google is that your ad is highly targeted and if done right, only people looking for what you are offering, will cost you a click. The biggest deterrent to use this method is the budget can easily spin out of control if you are not careful and the ROI can be questionable.

The social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on) are generally cheaper and offer customization of the target demographic, but lack the highly targeted keyword search a search engine offers. Meaning people are not likely searching for your services when they see your ad, so the leads are not as hot.

These are just two options of where you can direct your marketing dollars. Learn more about the biggest social media trends right now to learn about where companies are spending their marketing budgets right now.

Small Agency VS. Big Agency

Just as important when selecting a strategy is to find the right creative agency to help you. Do you need a small agency or do you a big agency? What are the advantages/disadvantages of both. You can learn that in one of our articles below.

Inspire Visual

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What Do Small Agencies Offer That The Big Guys Can’t?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that up to 68% of advertising and public relations firms in the U.S. have less than 5 employees. The high percentage of small agencies that exist might be surprising to anyone whose first instinct would be to seek out a medium or large agency partner. Large agencies provide their clients with a sense of security, breadth of structure, services and/or perceived status that can be comforting.

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