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Award-Winning Android App Development Services

We are an Android app development agency who designs and develops custom Android apps for all types of clients — from small companies to large enterprises. Regardless of app complexity, you can hire us as your Android app developer and be sure your app will meet all the official Android app development guidelines and exceed your expectations.

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We offer Android App Development Services for all Android Devices

We have a talented Android app development team who can build your Android app on any device you wish. Android phones, tablets, smart watches or a combination are all part of our Android app development services. Our talented developers and your assigned project manager will make the entire process effortless for you.

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We Are a Unique Android App Agency

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Android App Development

What makes us unique?

At Inspire Visual, we have a clear-cut Android app development philosophy. We don’t settle for making mediocre cookie-cutter template apps — and we don’t cut corners.

With every app project we take on, our team members give it the dedication, expertise and time it needs to evolve into a unique, eye-catching Android app. We know your app needs to offer a memorable experience and make users want to come back for more.

We only use senior talent on your app, setting us apart from many of our competitors. We’ve found a significant improvement in success and satisfaction from assembling the strongest team possible. Yes, senior app developers come with slightly higher hourly rates, but the efficiency, effectiveness and programming are far superior to newer, more junior developers which ends up actually saving both money and time — and results in a much higher quality app.

We are proud to be published thought-leaders on app development. Entrepreneur featured us and we’re recognized by industry leaders as an outstanding Android app developer.

Our Android App Development Services

We are very comfortable with every phase in the Android app development cycle.

One of the benefits of working with an Android app company like ours is that we can take care of everything, so you don’t have to. You can be as involved as you want to be — but you don’t have to be if that’s not your desire.

Android app development doesn’t have to be difficult when you collaborate with the right Android app company.

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A well-defined concept is the cornerstone of a good Android app.

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UI and UX Design

We make exceptional UI and UX designs, following Android’s guidelines.

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Project Management

You get a personal project manager assigned as your point of contact.

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Front-end Development

Our front-end developers all have senior experience with Android app development.

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Back-end Development

Database integration and advanced features are no match for our developers.

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Quality Assurance

All of our Android apps are tested meticulously to ensure a bug-free app.

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WE OFFER Android Mobile App Development

Android app development for phones is the most popular choice among our clients. We aim to be the best Android app development company by:

  • staffing only experienced and senior Android application developers

  • following and improving official guidelines for Android development by Google

  • advising our clients about and deploying best-practices for maximum app satisfaction

  • applying modern and stunning app designs that will increase retention rates

  • using native code practices for an error-free and fast, responsive app

  • appointing a dedicated project manager as point of contact and the link between our clients and our Android app developers

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WE BUILD Android Apps for Tablets

Some apps just perform better in a larger size. The U.S. is one of the largest tablet markets globally with more than 200 million tablets across the country. Consider having your Android app developed for tablet too to increase your market share.

We can build Android apps for a range of industries and categories including:

  • Games
  • TV and movie entertainment

  • Booking portals

  • Educational apps

  • Productivity tools

  • Business apps

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Android Samsung Galaxy Watch App

We Also Build Android Apps for Smartwatches

Across the U.S. there’s an explosive growth in smartwatch adaptation and the need for well-designed, full-featured watch apps grows in parallel.

As your Android app developer, we can help you deliver your app onto the wrists of hundreds of millions of people.

Smartwatches can be used for a wide range of purposes, these are just some of the uses we can make apps for:

  • Activity tracking

  • Communication

  • GPS and navigation

  • Health and medical services

  • Audio control center

  • Home automation

Fitbit watch app

The Android App Development Process

We have a well-defined Android app development process to clearly define every step in the app development journey, making even the most complex custom Android apps approachable.

Good Android app development services require a deep knowledge of the space and are an important part of making a well-functioning, engaging app.

We are committed to continuously learning about the latest features, technologies and trends in the custom Android app development market to guarantee you get the best app for the Android phone, tablet or smart watch you are targeting.

Our six major development phases include:

Mobile Application Development Concept


We write a detailed requirements documenting your Android app from A to Z.

Mobile Application Development Wireframes


The Android app screens are designed as wireframes with clear definitions for each app element.

Mobile Application Development Prototype


Your Android app is made into a limited but functional prototype for testing the app flow.

Mobile Application Development Design


Our senior app designers work their magic to bring your Android app alive with beautiful interface designs, following the principles of Android app design.

iOS Android Mobile Application Development


The Android app development front-end and back-end teams start coding your app’s functionalities, often working in tandem with the designers.

Mobile Application Development Quality Assurance and Launch


Comprehensive testing across Android devices is done by our experienced QA team. Upon your approval, it’s launched in the Google Play store.

Read More About Developing Apps for Android

If you’re wondering how to create an Android app for smart phones, tablets or smartwatches and want to get a more detailed insight into the process, be sure to check out some of our articles below.

We share articles for free on how to develop for Android devices (and iPhone devices) to help our clients understand the Android app development process and landscape. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, which ultimately benefits our clients’ apps.

HOW TO LAUNCH AN APP: The Definitive Guide

This is the most extensive guide on the steps to launch an app, from start to finish. You’ll learn about app strategy, defining your goals, and what to look for in a great Android app development company.

THE BEST OF: Mobile App Technologies

There are a lot of technologies available for Android development. For the nonprofessional it can be a daunting task to understand the possibilities. We go over each app development option and their pros and cons.

The Most Asked Questions About Android App Development

Calculating the cost of your Android app requires analyzing your requirements in detail, but to get a general idea there are various online calculators for Android app development cost estimation.

The estimations of course vary widely, because cost depends greatly on the app’s complexity and amount of features and screens, but generally the range is between $150,000 and $500,000. A survey showed that the average app takes approximately 7 months to complete at a cost of $171,450.

The good news is that at Inspire Visual, we use a highly customized work process cutting out resources that aren’t needed and reducing overhead. The result is that our costs are notably lower than our competitors.

Our prices for our Android app development services start at $40,000 and up based on the amount and complexity of screens, features and back-end integration you need.

Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to discuss your next Android app and get it on the market.

We develop Android apps in all different sizes and varying degrees of complexity, so the duration is very much dependent on how feature-rich your app is and how many devices you are targeting.

Some clients only want to target the Android phone, which is the most popular option, while others want their app to work on tablets and/or smartwatches as well. You can even target iOS devices with cross-platform app development so the app will work on both iOS and Android – that’s up to you (though we can help guide you).

We can also shorten the app development process if you already have designs ready and you just need our skilled app developers and QA team. However, most of our clients prefer for us to be their full-service Android app development agency.

It usually takes about 12 to 48 weeks for a complete app cycle. We’ll be able to give you a fairly accurate time estimate for your Android app once we know your project better.

At many other app development agencies, you run the risk of unknowingly hiring newbie or junior Android app developers. Not with our team! We only use senior Android app developers on our projects.

Using senior Android app developers makes the whole process more efficient and streamlined. Advantages include cleaner code with less bugs to solve, faster turn-around times and overall, a much improved app quality, which is paramount to the success of your Android app.

With our quality-first process, your app benefits from increased user retention, better reviews and ratings and more positive exposure.

Absolutely. Our Android application developer(s) along with your project manager will provide app documentation based on your needs.

For example, documentation may include how to update the content in your Android app from a back-end system, so it conforms to the visual restrictions of the app and provides a user-friendly experience.

It might also include technical information on how to manage and communicate with the API, in case you want to change servers or behavior in the future.

After we hand over your app and receive final payment, we sign over all intellectual property rights to you. After that you are the rightful owner and can decide where you want to take your Android app in the future.

If you want us to continue helping with maintenance and/or feature upgrades, we’d of course be happy to be your Android app developer, but the decision is yours to make.

As long as it is supported by Android’s framework, we don’t have a hard stop on what we can do. Being an Android mobile app development company, our designers and developers have had their hands in pretty much everything.

We stay updated on the latest features introduced by Google with every new Android release, often 6 months before they are made available to the public, so we can include the latest features from the get-go.

Some of the app functionality we can include in your Android app are:

  • Cross-device support between phone, tablet and smartwatch
  • Search bar with auto-complete search suggestions
  • Push notifications across devices
  • Support for live customer service via chat
  • Geo-location based intelligence and maps
  • Content sharing capabilities
  • Push notifications
  • Social media integration
  • In-app messaging between users
  • Multi-language capabilities

You get an assigned project manager who will be your point of contact throughout the entire project. Your project manager will be the link between you and the app development team.

Throughout the phases you will be presented with progress on scheduled meeting dates (for example weekly, bi-weekly or whatever you feel most comfortable with).

Outside of meetings, you can always call, email or chat with your project manager to get updates on progress and answers to any questions you may have.

Yes, we can definitely help you with that. Our team will make sure to feature your app by showcasing its best assets, so it looks exciting, professional and engaging.

Our team will use the best combination of images and videos combined with well-written descriptions, tags and more.

As an Android app development agency, we understand the importance of a well presented app in the competitive app stores, and we’ll work to make sure your app stands out and gets the attention it deserves.

After launching your Android app on the Google Play store, the work is not necessarily done. You may want to introduce new features as your app audience grows and new exciting possibilities arise.

Also, as new Android OS releases happen, you may want to update your app to do a little house cleaning and make sure it runs at its best.

With that said, we would be happy if to continue as your Android app solutions provider after your app launches. We will already be familiar with your app, so updates will be less costly and turn-around times faster.

And we’ll be there for as long as you need us, but ultimately the choice is yours on how to handle your app after it’s built.

Yes, we are also an iOS app development service provider and we know iOS app development equally as well as Android development.

Apple and Google both have very strict guidelines for design and development, so having experience with both platforms is crucial for a well-functioning app. We have a history of designing and developing apps for both platforms.

We can even build cross-platform apps which function on both platforms but use only one code-base.

Our Latest Mobile App Case Study

We were chosen Denver Health’s mobile app development company. We designed and built the STD Clinical Toolbox app for both Android and iOS devices. It includes advanced technologies like API integration with multiple databases including Learning Management System (LMS), real-time search engine results and email and print sharing functionalities.

STD Clinical Toolbox Mobile App Development Screen

Ready to Build your Android App?

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