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We make the whole process effortless for you.

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We Develop Apps for Every Platform

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iOS Apps

Our mobile app development agency follows best practices for optimized native app design and development, so your app meets the quality your users expect. We develop native iOS apps for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

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Android Apps

Android’s ecosystem allows for a wide range of functionalities. Our mobile app developers are skilled and familiar with every Android device around, and we set up a team structure that is customized for your app needs.

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Cross-platform Apps

Our wide range of mobile application development services includes cross-platform mobile apps. These apps target both iOS and Android devices and only use one code-base. If you want to target 100% of the app market, you can cut future additional development costs by choosing cross-platform app development.

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What makes us unique?

Every app we develop is a highly customized result of our client’s vision paired with our expertise. We don’t make cookie-cutter apps, but instead aim to make every custom mobile app a high-quality candidate worthy of being a “Featured App” in the app stores. Our apps are all based on best practices, the latest technologies and a well-defined project plan. We want to be the best mobile app development company and work hard to meet our client’s expectations. We can accommodate any app project for all types of clients, from smaller companies to larger enterprise apps.

We are published thought-leaders on custom app development, have been featured in Entrepreneur and have been recognized as a leading app developer by industry leaders.

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Top Mobile Developer

Recognized as a top mobile application development agency by acclaimed industry experts including, UpCity, GoodFirms and Expertise. Our reputation is an asset that we’re proud to have earned through years of hard work to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

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Cost Savings

We assign the exact resources who have the skills to build your app. That means you avoid the high markups and inefficiencies of traditional mobile development companies where you pay for “everyone in the building”. We pass this cost-savings onto you, helping improve your bottom line.

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Customized Project Teams

When we start on a project, we build a custom team of well-developed talent with specialized skillsets built specifically for your needs. We only use the most senior mobile application developers, designers, quality assurance pros and project managers on all of our mobile app projects.

You’ll also get the same point of contact and personal service throughout your entire app project.

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Project Transparency

Transparency is important to us, so you never lose sight of where we are in your mobile app’s progression. We can work with both Waterfall and Agile or we recommend the best process for your project. We also pride ourselves on being able to integrate our team into your firm’s established processes.

WE CAN HELP WITH Mobile App Development for iOS and Android

Our mobile app agency can help get your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. We offer mobile app development services that include building native apps for iOS and Android as well as cross-platform apps for both devices.

We are published thought-leaders on app development, featured in Entrepreneur and recognized as a leading mobile app company by industry leaders.

Inspire Visual takes pride in staying on top of upcoming and promising app technologies, so we can continue to develop mobile apps that are ground-breaking, stable and super polished.

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iOS and Android tablets

WE DEVELOP Apps for iOS and Android Tablets

Everything looks better on a larger screen. The mobility of a smartphone is undeniable, but with the U.S. tablet market being one of the largest in the world, you might want to consider having your app available for tablet users. After all, there are approximately 200 million tablets across the country.

Our mobile application development services include iOS and Android tablets in any configuration you can imagine. We make apps that auto-scale to different screen sizes on different tablet manufacturers and across iOS and Android devices.

All of course packed with the latest functionalities in an efficient, optimized and modern app.

Apple Watch

MAYBE YOU WANT A Smartwatch App

The number of smartwatch owners is growing fast. Smartwatches account for 10% of Apple’s revenue and every day more apps are being developed to make our daily lives better.

The convenience of apps for smartwatches is evident. Going to the gym? You have a portable music player and health tracker on your wrist. Want to dim your lights and turn on the TV from your watch? No problem, controls are on the watch. Need audible, visual and haptic feedback directions while driving? Your watch will tell you where to go.

Our mobile app development company makes apps for the wide range of smartwatches available. We can make apps for devices from Fitbit, Samsung, Apple, and many more.

Apple Watch
iOS and Android cross-platform app

What is Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Before starting on tablet or mobile phone app development, consider if you only want your app to be available for iOS or Android phones. Their market share is almost the same at around 50/50. However, there’s also a third option: cross-platform development. Choosing cross-platform mobile application development allows you to build one code-base that works on both iOS and Android devices.

If you only want to have your app available on either iOS or Android, it’s cheaper to target those specifically when developing mobile apps. But if you want to saturate the entire mobile app market and develop your app for iOS and Android mobile phones from the start, we recommend cross-platform development. Overall, it is a cheaper solution than building for both iOS and Android devices separately. The advantages include:

  • less room for errors and cheaper maintenance costs with only one app code-base to keep updated

  • cost savings from not having to hire two development teams
  • unified UI/UX experience switching between iOS and Android and better retention rate from users switching phone manufacturers while still being familiar with your app
  • release your app on both Google’s Play store and Apple’s App Store at the same time

Mobile App Development Process

We strive to make the mobile application development process clear and transparent to our clients. Every project is assigned a project manager, designer(s), developer(s) and QA staff from start to finish.

Our six major mobile application development phases include:

Mobile Application Development Concept


Your idea is worked into a detailed specification document outlining the app’s functionality.

Mobile Application Development Wireframes


Each screen is laid out with visual identifiers and descriptions of each element.

Mobile Application Development Prototype


We create a working prototype with limited interactivity so you can get a sense of the app.

Mobile Application Development Design


We design the look and feel of your app and revise based on your feedback.

iOS Android Mobile Application Development


Your app’s functionalities are coded, optimized and connected to any APIs.

Mobile Application Development Quality Assurance and Launch


Our QA specialists test your app extensively across devices and launch it on your approval.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile App Development

If you look at various online calculators for estimating the cost of developing an app, you’ll see a wide range of costs from $150,000 upwards of $500,000.

A survey by Clutch showed that the average app takes about 7 months to complete and costs $171,450.

At Inspire Visual, we build custom teams for each project, so you don’t have to pay for resources you don’t need. That means our costs are significantly lower than our competitors. We offer prices from as low as $40,000 and up depending on the complexity of your app.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your project. We’ll give you a competitive, custom estimate, so you can get started on building your app.

Mobile app development schedules depends on how much functionality there will be, what devices are being targeting and what mobile app development services are needed.

Some clients only want to target Android or iOS, but we can also offer cross-platform app development targeting both devices with a 100% market saturation – it’s all up to you and what’s right for your project.

Maybe you already have designs ready and you just want to use our talented app developers and QA team, or maybe — like most of our clients — you don’t know much about the app development process, and you’d like our team to handle it all.

When we start the mobile app development process, we create a detailed requirements document (if you don’t have already have it built), build wireframes, design the user interface before moving into development, then after development we move into testing and finally to the exciting delivery of your new app.

Once we know your project, we’ll be able to give you a good estimate of the timeframe from start to finish.

While you risk getting a junior mobile application developer assigned from other app agencies, we only use senior talent at Inspire Visual.

Through experience we have learned that is the most efficient, successful and cost-effective method by which to build an app. Using senior talent also speeds up delivery dates and makes for much better mobile app quality, paramount for the app’s success. Happy users encourage long-term commitment, positive reviews and brand loyalty.

Yes, we do provide documentation in whatever form you need.

Every client’s need is different and we customize the documentation based on our client’s requirements. The documentation is created by the mobile app developer assigned to your project, so nothing is lost in translation.

For example, it might include information on how to update content in the app moving forward to make sure it meets the app’s guidelines and provides a consistent experience for mobile app users.

Or, if we build a back-end API, there may be documentation on technical details, and how to access and update the back-end.

At the end of the project and upon payment, we sign over all rights of your mobile app to you.

That means you own your app 100% and will have complete control of how you want to work on it moving forward, should you want to expand features etc. at a later date.

Our team will be there to support you as your mobile application development company moving forward if you so choose, but that decision is up to you.

The sky is the limit, really. If it is supported by Apple and Google’s framework, we can do it.

Some of the mobile app development services we offer are:

  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Search Bar With Auto-Complete Search Suggestions
  • Multi-Language Capabilities
  • Push Notifications
  • Live Chat Agent Support
  • Content Sharing Capabilities
  • Social Media Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Messaging
  • Geo-Location Based Intelligence

You get an assigned project manager for your mobile app development project who will be your day-to-day point of contact throughout the entire process.

We’ll set up meetings at mutually agreed upon dates (for example weekly or bi-weekly) where you will get updates on the latest status and answers to questions you may have.

If you have questions or need to discuss the project outside of scheduled meetings, your project manager is readily available by an easy phone call, email or chat.

Absolutely. This is a critical step after developing a mobile app.

We’d be happy to upload your mobile app on the Google Play Store and/or the Apple App store with the appropriate images/videos, descriptions, tags, etc.

Our experienced launch team will make sure to feature your app’s best assets, so it looks professional, enticing and polished.

Android / iOS Mobile App Case Study

Denver Health selected us to be their mobile development company to design and build the STD Clinical Toolbox app for Android and iOS devices. The app includes advanced technologies like API integration with multiple databases including connectivity to an Learning Management System (LMS), real-time search engine results and email and print sharing functionalities.

STD Clinical Toolbox Mobile App Development Screen

Ready to Build Your App?

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Clients We’ve Enjoyed Helping

Epsilon, Maersk
DoubleClick, Denver Health
Abacus, Aller
CacheMatrix, Janus
Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center, Red Bull
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Clients We’ve Enjoyed Helping

Denver Health
Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center
Red Bull
Featured on Clutch
Featured on UpCity
Featured on GoodFirms
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