MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: Don’t Ignore Wearables When Developing An App

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Published December 2020

The market of smartwatch wearables is sharing the same aggressive growth tendencies as Apple iPhone experienced after it was introduced in 2007.

While the number of people wearing a smartwatch wearable was at 66 million in 2019, it’s projected to grow to more than 105 million in 2023.

You should not underestimate the value of developing a compatible smartwatch wearable app.

The smartwatch wearables era

While Apple was the inventor of smart phones, it wasn’t the first to introduce a smartwatch. Actually that story goes back to 1972 where the NL C01 Pulsar watch was introduced. It could store 24 digits in its user programmable memory, quite a feat for 1972.

A lot has happened since then and smart watches are now a million times faster than the Apollo Guidance Computer that brought us to the moon. Equally amplified in numbers are the number of possibilities you can create with smartwatch apps.

Looking at the projected growth we mentioned in the introduction should make any app publisher take notice. Smartwatch Wearable apps are here to stay and they are growing in popularity every day.

Our article published on Entrepreneur goes in more detail about “Why Your App Should Target Smartwatch Wearables“. Don’t miss it.

There are a lot of great apps already available for wearables. Yours could be next.

Need help with your app?

Mobile devices, smartwatches and their companion apps have changed the way we interact with both each other and businesses. It’s an ever-changing landscape which businesses who wish to stay relevant must continuously adapt to.

If you are ready to implement any of these trends in your own app or build a new app — whether for Android, iOS or both, we can help. We have extensive experience with creating quality, high-performing apps.

If you’d like to learn what it takes to build an app, then be sure to check out this article and reach out with questions, since we’d love to talk to you about your app idea!

We are an mobile app development agency and can help with your Android / iOS app.

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