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Since the first website launched in 1991 a lot has happened in the web development world. There are now 1.5 billion websites worldwide and similarly a plethora of technologies to follow.

If you are looking for website development help to build a new website or just want to optimize your current on, it’s important to be educated on best methods.

Before starting website development, it’s always important to ask yourself a number of questions, such as:

  • Will you build part of it yourself, do you need a freelancer or should you hire a digital agency.
  • What technologies should you choose. How can you be sure they are not becoming obsolete.
  • Are there new functionalities that can set you apart from your competition.
  • What budget are you planning on spending (this heavily affects the skill-level of one or more freelancers or if you can afford an agency).

Attending courses, webinars and conferences all help keeping you updated on the latest methods, but so does reading articles from people in the know. It is part of our mission to help educate our readers, and we hope to help you feel better informed.

In our article “Consider Your Future Needs When Deciding How to Build Your Website”, we discuss your website development options.

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Microsites Are Boosting In-Store Purchases

Microsites have been around for almost as long as websites. They differ from traditional websites by being better at building brand awareness, increasing customer engagement, generating leads, and optimizing SEO value. The reason? They are highly tailored to a specific customer journey. They are seeing more popularity now in part due to the global pandemic and fear of contamination which has caused a boost in online ordering.

What is a Digital Agency?

You may wonder what a digital agency can do for your business compared to a traditional creative agency. Even though they sound similar there’s a world of difference between the two. Unless you’re just looking to create a tv ad, logo design or copywriting, digital agencies have a lot more to offer. Digital agencies are specialized in creating screen-based products and services and help with strategy, creative design and technical development.

How to Make a Custom Map on Google Maps

If you already have a top-notch designed website or app and are using Google Maps, you may not find the default color palette satisfactory. Or maybe you need a specific style depending on territorial use or time of day (for navigation). Until recently if you wanted to style your map, you would have to use the Google Styling Wizard to create beautiful maps and export a JSON file. Now Google has introduced a new feature called cloud-based styling. Learn all about how to style with both methods.

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