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Be in the Know About Choosing the Right Digital Agency for Your Business

Whether you don’t have the expertise or your in-house marketing team already have their hands full, choosing the right digital agency for a strategic partnership can be a daunting task.

Digital agencies, their work methods and their cultures are as diverse as their numbers and sorting through and selecting the right agency is vital for the growth of your business.

When you choose to work with a digital agency, some important measures of value are listed below.

Staying up-to-date on trends as a digital agency

Changes happen rapidly in digital marketing and it’s important to work with a digital agency keeping themselves up-to-date on all the latest trends. Otherwise, you might be investing in saturated channels without an effective ROI. The first-movers will already be on to new and better things with more impact. You might want to ask your potential agency, how they are keeping up on trends. For example by participating in webinars and reading tech/trend blogs.

Areas of expertise

Make sure you the agency/agencies you are contacting offer exactly what you need. If you are looking for a mobile application developer to build an app, make sure that you are not contacting an agency focused on SEO marketing with mobile apps as a niche.

Of course, they shouldn’t be too specialized either and only know about one area. The best agencies has experiences in several areas and can even offer full-service solutions. The advantage of full-service solutions is that you likely will have an overall thread through your entire digital solutions.

Please, go ahead and learn more about choosing the right digital agency, mobile app developer, SEO agency, website developer or what your need might be by diving into our articles.

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How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company in 2021

How do you find the right mobile app development company to make sure you are in good hands? Doing the initial research and choosing the right company can mean the difference between sleepless nights or the beginning of a stress-free and exciting journey. There's a lot more to finding the right partner than looking at the cheapest bid. In fact, you're likely to get into trouble if you go with the lowest bidder. We'll tell why that is and what's important when looking for a mobile app development company.

Microsites Are Boosting In-Store Purchases

Microsites have been around for almost as long as websites. They differ from traditional websites by being better at building brand awareness, increasing customer engagement, generating leads, and optimizing SEO value. The reason? They are highly tailored to a specific customer journey. They are seeing more popularity now in part due to the global pandemic and fear of contamination which has caused a boost in online ordering.

Don’t Ignore Wearables When Developing An App

The market of smartwatch wearables is sharing the same aggressive growth tendencies as Apple iPhone experienced after it was introduced in 2007. While the number of people wearing a smartwatch wearable was at 66 million in 2019, it's projected to grow to more than 105 million in 2023. Take notice when developing your app. It might be worth targeting smartwatch wearables.

What is a Digital Agency?

You may wonder what a digital agency can do for your business compared to a traditional creative agency. Even though they sound similar there’s a world of difference between the two. Unless you’re just looking to create a tv ad, logo design or copywriting, digital agencies have a lot more to offer. Digital agencies are specialized in creating screen-based products and services and help with strategy, creative design and technical development.

The 5 Best Mobile Advertising Platforms for Digital Marketing

In-app marketing is growing in tandem with the success of mobile phones and in just 10 years the mobile advertising platform spending has grown from 729 million dollars in 2010 to almost 200 billion dollars in 2020. There’s no doubt digital marketing is a big industry, and to get your brand featured on the best mobile advertising platform, we have researched and analyzed the 5 best mobile advertising platforms to help you make an informed choice and make the most of your marketing budget.

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What Do Small Agencies Offer That The Big Guys Can’t?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that up to 68% of advertising and public relations firms in the U.S. have less than 5 employees. The high percentage of small agencies that exist might be surprising to anyone whose first instinct would be to seek out a medium or large agency partner. Large agencies provide their clients with a sense of security, breadth of structure, services and/or perceived status that can be comforting.

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