The 6 Best Educational Apps for Kids

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Updated February 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in popularity of educational apps. All of a sudden working remotely and home-schooling became the norm.

Kids were online with their teachers, but the amount of online-time varied from school-to-school and educational apps for phones and tablets became a helpful tool for parents everywhere. In the beginning of 2020 there was a reported almost 1 billion downloads of educational apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We've compiled a list of the 6 best educational apps for your child.

Educational apps are a great alternative to games

At Inspire Visual, we build mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets to support companies and institutions to move into the digital realm. Well-developed apps help support the ease of reaching a goal, including teaching a child how to read, do math, learn a language, marvel at science and experience the accomplishment of solving a task. A recent survey by Ericsson showed that 76% of mobile users feel that digital technologies have helped their children’s education.

So even though children are returning to school, educational apps are still a great source of learning whether your child is in pre-school, middle-school or high school. Instead of handing them your phone or tablet to play a mobile game, why not let them learn something instead in a fun way?

Finding out which apps are useful can be a chore with the amount of educational apps available. That’s why we’ve done the hard word for you and listed the 10 best educational apps below.

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The top educational apps for your kid

Khan Academy Kids

Best Overall Pick

Use Khan Academy to learn about math, science, economics, finance, grammar, history, government, politics, and more.

A fun and educational free app with thousands of activities and books. It sounds almost too good to be true. It’s exactly what Khan Academy Kids is offering. It doesn’t even show ads to pay for the free stuff.

Launching the app for the first time prompts you for an email, name, age and to select an avatar. From the menu you can go directly to the library or the games.

The library offers books in categories such as non-fiction, feelings, numbers, logic, animals, science and much more. Your child can select to have the book read out loud or to read it themselves.

Activities are rewarded in a fun way with prices and has been developed in collaboration with experts at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

Cost: Free

Ages: 2-7

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Quick Math Jr.

Best for Math Teaching

Whether your child is struggling with math or just beginning to learn, the Quick Math Jr. app will help teach math in a fun and intuitive way.

It starts by letting your child count numbers and adjusts the level of difficulty of the questions based on your child’s answers. There is also report cards built in to track progress.

The app includes mini math games that teach fundamental math skills, including number sequences, numerals, adding and subtracting and algebraic thinking.

The educational activities are divided into islands. The first island is free and the rest can be unlocked at a $4.99 fee for each.

Cost: Free for the first island, $4.99 for each additional island

Ages: 0-5

If your child is struggling with math, this app is a perfect tutor.
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Best for Elementary School Students

Enjoy access to 10 levels, 850+ lessons, and 10,000+ individual learning activities in ABCMouse.

ABCMouse is an award-winning learning app that’ll teach your child math, reading, science, music and art. The learning is literally packaged with activities boasting over 850 lessons and more than 10,000 activities.

The app has a free 30-day trial before it switches over to a paid $9.99/monthly subscription model.

To engage your child, they can create their own avatar that will be present throughout the app. ABCMouse also includes a learning path targeted ages 2 to 7+. Each learning path tracks your child’s progress and a Tickets and Rewards System is presented after each completed lesson to give them the feeling of accomplishment.

Cost: 1-month free trial, then $9.99/month

Ages: 2-8

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Best App for High School Students

DuoLingo has been around since 2011 and is the number one go-to app for learning languages.

If offers 106 different language courses in 36 languages, so chances are your high-school aged kid will be able to get help learning a new language with Duolingo – even Navajo and the fictional High Valyrian language from Game of Thrones is included.

The app starts on the very beginner level by teaching simple words through audio, word recognition, and oral exercises. As progression is made the learning complexity is gradually increasing to learn basic and later advanced sentence structures.

Cost: Free with ads, $6.99/month without ads

Ages: 11+

Duolingo is a fun way to learn a new language. Track your progress and join millions of learners worldwide.
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Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Best for Pre-Schoolers

In this award-winning toddler-friendly game you can learn to pick fruit, paint pictures, grow flowers, and sort shapes.

If you read stories to your child, chances are that you have read a book by Eric Carle. He is the author of many popular children books, the most popular being The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

His story is now brought to life in a fantastic interactive world that lets your child play with the beloved characters from the book.

The activities are packed in 5 main areas; 1) language and literacy, 2) math development, 3) science and nature, 4) creative arts, 5) puzzles and reasoning.

Songs and videos are also included and help enhance the learning experience.

Cost: $9.99/monthly subscription, $49.99/annual subscription

Ages: 0-5

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Best for Learning how to Read

This app is for any child who needs to sharpen their reading skills or already a proficient reader. Epic! is basically an e-book library with unlimited access to more than 40,000 ebooks, audiobooks, learning videos and quizzes.

It includes well-known children books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Clifford, Big Nate, and many more. There’s even a read-to-me feature for the smallest children, where they can hear the story while they read along.

Cost: 1-month free trial, then $7.99/month

Ages: 2-12

Bring the joy of reading to children at home and in school with a library full of audiobooks, ebooks and read along books in Epic..
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