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iOS App Development Services

As a leading iOS app company, Inspire Visual has extensive knowledge building beautiful, stable and bug-free iOS apps and helping leading brands go mobile worldwide. Your project will benefit from our years of iOS app development experience, assuring you get a quality, feature-rich app adhering to the latest Apple standards, regardless of the complexity.

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iOS App Development For Any Device

Our iOS app development services range across all of Apple’s devices. Whether you need an app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV, our senior iOS app developers and your personal project manager will help make the whole process a smooth experience for you.

We can develop iOS apps that work across all devices or can target one specifically.

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Apple TV
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You Won’t Find Another iOS App Development Agency Quite Like Ours

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iOS App Development

What makes us so special?

We don’t believe just knowing basic iOS mobile app development principles classify as being labeled an iOS app company.

For us, every app project is unique. We take our clients’ visions and combine them with our own obsession for hard work and dedication to build the best iOS apps, and in this way we deliver game-changing results our clients are proud to call their own.

To build the best iOS apps requires a strong team, which is why we only use senior iOS app developers on all of our projects.

And not to toot our own horn, but we are published thought-leaders on app development, we have been featured in Entrepreneur and recognized as a leading iOS app company by industry leaders — so you can feel confident you’re in good hands.

iOS Development Services

Our iOS app development services include all vital phases when developing an iOS app. Rest assured we will handle everything, so you don’t have to. Developing an iOS app does not have to be difficult if you work with the right iOS development company.

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Finalizing the concept is key for building successful iOS apps.

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UI and UX Design

Adhering to Apple’s guidelines, we create pleasing UI and UX designs.

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Project Management

Every client gets an assigned project manager who will be with you through the process.

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Frontend Development

We only use senior talent to ensure best results.

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Backend Development

We know APIs and databases like the back of our hand.

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Quality Assurance

No iOS app leave our hands without being tested thoroughly.

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WE BUILD Applications for iPhone

When building iPhone applications, we strive to be the best iPhone app development company by:

  • using an aesthetic iPhone app designing process based on the iOS Human Guidelines

  • assigning a friendly project manager that will be your point of contact the entire project

  • optimizing native-based iPhone app programming for a fast app

  • sharing of our knowledge of iOS platforms to ensure the best possible strategy for your app

  • staffing senior iPhone app developers only

  • applying a well-proven method especially made for developing apps for iPhone

WE OFFER iPad App Development

The latest number show 47% of U.S. adults own an iPad, so don’t forget the iPad audience if your iOS app warrants a larger screen size.

The large screen and better battery life are just some of iPad’s advantages over iPhone. Our app development skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Games

  • TV and movie entertainment

  • Booking and travel portals

  • Educational apps

  • Productivity tools

  • Business apps

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Apple Watch

We Can Make Apps for the Apple Watch

The smartwatch market is experiencing rapid growth, similar to the first iPhone’s popularity in 2007. With 66 million smartwatch owners in 2019, the number is expected to increase to more than 105 million in 2023. We are the iOS app company who can put your app on an Apple Watch.

There are plenty of other categories where smartwatches shine, these are just a few of the categories we make apps for:

  • Communication

  • Health and medical

  • Streaming audio

  • Internet of Things

  • Virtual assistants

For the Apple TV

The Apple TV is tightly integrated in the Apple and iOS ecosystem. It’s a popular choice among the new generation of home theater setup options. It features AirPlay technology for streaming from your iPhone or iPad onto your TV.

The Apple TV is a versatile entertainment hub and some of the categories we can offer iOS application development for are:

  • TV and movie entertainment

  • Music

  • Games featured on Apple Arcade

  • Photo library and presentation

Apple TV 4k Box and Remote

iOS App Development Process

We follow a proven workflow when developing your iOS app. Custom iOS app development can include a lot of complexity, but we break it down in clear-cut phases to simplify the process. Our iOS app development services are each a vital part of making an appealing and intuitive app. Being an iOS app agency, we’re committed to staying on top of the latest technologies, features and trends to make sure you get a better app for the iOS devices you want your app to work on.

Our six major development phases include:

Mobile Application Development Concept


Your idea is worked into a detailed specification document outlining the iOS app functionality.

Mobile Application Development Wireframes


Each iOS app screen is laid out with visual identifiers and descriptions of each iOS application element.

Mobile Application Development Prototype


We make a working prototype with limited interactivity so you can get a sense of the iOS app functionality.

Mobile Application Development Design


We design the look and feel of your iOS app and revise the UI design and UX journey based on your feedback.

iOS Android Mobile Application Development


Your iOS app functionalities are coded, optimized and connected to any APIs and databases and basic testing starts.

Mobile Application Development Quality Assurance and Launch


Our QA specialists test your iOS app extensively across iOS devices and launch the app on your approval.

Learn More About iOS App Development

We have published articles about the ins and outs of developing iOS apps. If you want a better understanding of how to create iPhone apps, iPad app development, or just a general idea of how iOS application development functions in general, don’t miss our articles below.

It’s important to us as an iOS app company to not only build iOS apps, but also obtain knowledge and be a thought-leader. Whether it’s about iPhone app design, iOS application development, or lighter topics such as showcasing the top iPhone apps in our App of the Week articles, we stay on top of the latest iOS app news.


Developing a great iOS app can put your business or app idea where it matters — on an iOS Apple device. Learn all about the iOS application development process and how to find the best iOS app developers.

HOW TO LAUNCH AN APP: The Definitive Guide

Whether you will be building an iPhone app or you’re generally interested in making iOS apps, this guide is for you. With almost 2 million apps available for iOS, you are competing for the spotlight, but learning these insights will help you be a step ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions About iOS App Development

If you look at various online calculators for estimating the cost of developing iOS apps, you’ll see wide variation anywhere from $150,000 to $500,000 depending on the iOS app development agency and the iOS app’s complexity. A survey done by Clutch showed that the average iOS app takes about 7 months to complete and costs $171,450.

At Inspire Visual we build custom teams tailored for each app project, so you don’t have to pay for resources you don’t use. That means our cost estimates are significantly lower than our competition. We offer prices from as low as $40,000 and up depending on the complexity of your iOS app.

Contact us today, and let’s talk about your iOS app project. We can give you a competitive and custom estimate quickly, so you can get your new iOS app on the market.

The time to develop an iOS app is dependent on how much you need us to do and what devices you are targeting. Some clients only want to target either Android or iOS, but we can also offer cross-platform app development so your app works on both — it’s all up to you.

The schedule is also dependent on what you need. Maybe you already have designs ready and just want to use our talented app developers and QA team, or maybe like most of our clients you want us to be your full-service iOS app company.

Just tell us what features you want your iOS app to have, then we’ll create a detailed requirements document, detailed wireframes of every app screen, have our senior designers prepare the user interface, and finally have our talented iOS app developers and QA team finish the job to make sure you get a 100% bug-free iOS app.

Our usual time frame from start to finish ranges from 12 to 48 weeks. Once we know your project, we’ll be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of the time frame we’ll need to build  your iOS app.

While you risk getting junior iOS developers from other iOS app development companies, we can assure you that we use only senior iOS app developers at Inspire Visual.

Through experience we have learned that using senior talent turns out to be the most cost-effective and foolproof method to help our clients get their apps launched. It speeds up delivery schedules and makes for much higher quality iOS apps, which is paramount for iOS app success.

Happy users encourage long-term commitment, positive reviews and brand loyalty.

Yes, we provide documentation in whatever form you need. Every client’s need is different and we customize materials and documentation based on our client’s requirements.

For example, documentation can include information on how to update content in the iOS app in the future, so it meets the guidelines within the iOS app and provides a consistent experience for the app user.

Or, if we build a back-end API, there will be documentation on technical details, and instructions explaining how to access and update the back-end.

At the end of the project and after final payment, we sign over all rights of your iOS app to you. That means you own your iOS app 100% and will have complete control of who you want to work on it moving forward, should you want to work with another iOS app company to expand features in the future.

We are of course happy to help our clients with maintenance and new feature development, but we also want you to know that the decision is entirely up to you.

The sky is the limit, really. If it is supported by Apple’s framework, we can do it. As an iOS app development company, we stay up to date on the latest functionalities coming out with every new iOS release and are familiar with them before they become available to the public.

Examples of some of the features you can have included in your iOS app are:

  • Cross-device support (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch compatible)
  • Search bar with auto-complete search suggestions
  • Multi-language
  • Push notifications
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Live chat agent support
  • Content sharing capabilities
  • Social media integration
  • Push notifications
  • In-app messaging
  • Geo-location based intelligence

While we offer Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPad app development services, the iPhone is by far the most popular device so we are very familiar with building iPhone applications. We have been developing apps for iPhone since our very beginning.

If you’re unsure if you only want us to perform iPhone app development, or you might want to target a larger market such as the Apple Watch or Android phones, that’s something we can help advise on and can add to the first phase or at a later date.

There are several variables that speak for or against targeting more iOS (or Android) devices and it is very related to what the purpose of your iOS app is.

Our iOS app company can help make an iPhone app for you, and we’ll aim to make it the best iPhone app in its niche.

We assign a dedicated project manager for every iOS app development project who will be your day-to-day contact person throughout the entire process.

We’ll set up meetings at mutually agreed upon dates (for example weekly or bi-weekly) and you will get updates on the latest status and answers to questions you may have.

If you have questions or need to discuss the project outside of scheduled meetings, your project manager is readily available by phone call, email or chat.

Absolutely. We’d be happy to upload your app on the Apple App Store with the appropriate images/videos, descriptions, tags, etc.

Our experienced  team will make sure to feature your app’s best assets, so your app looks professional, enticing and polished.

As an iOS app company, we know launch time is an important time for the success of your iOS app and we’ll help make it look its best.

If you choose us as your iOS app company, you are in good hands. After we launch your iOS app, together the work is not necessarily done…ever notice how your iOS apps update regularly on your phone? That’s because features are added or bugs are found and fixed.

While we don’t foresee bugs in our iOS apps because of rigorous testing in our quality assurance phase, new functionalities are introduced by Apple over time that you might want to take advantage of by introducing new features into your iOS app.

And because Apple also phases out other functionalities, some iOS apps are updated regularly to avoid any crashes or poor user experiences. Small iOS apps are recommended to get at least a yearly “check-up”, while larger iOS apps typically benefit from more frequent updates.

Our iOS application development team can provide continuous support for as long as you need it.

If you want to develop an Android app instead or in tandem with iOS, we can do offer Android app development services as well.

Google and Apple both have their specific design and developer guidelines. Our team has in-depth knowledge about how to develop a successful app with clean  code and UI/UX designs your users will easily understand.

Our developers know Android app development as well as iOS app development, so you’re going to have a well-built app no matter which platform you choose.

We also offer cross-platform app development. Cross-platform development gives you an app with just one code-base that works across both platforms.

Our Latest Mobile App Case Study

We were chosen Denver Health’s mobile app development company. We designed and built the STD Clinical Toolbox app for both Android and iOS devices. It includes advanced technologies like API integration with multiple databases including Learning Management System (LMS), real-time search engine results and email and print sharing functionalities.

STD Clinical Toolbox Mobile App Development Screen

Want to Get an iOS App Developed?

Contact us today to get a free, no risk quote on your iOS app project. We’re looking forward to your call.

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